Spa Etiquette


Clients on Spa Days (both men and women) will feel most comfortable going into treatments with their robe over their swimwear. For those clients just having treatments, we respectfully request that underwear is worn for all treatments. Our Therapists are trained to observe client modesty at all times. Swimwear is requested at all times in the sauna.


Guests are requested to arrive at least five minutes before treatment is due to start in order to change, if desired, and to fill out a medical questionnaire. Late arrival will mean that your treatment time is reduced or unable to be honoured. All treatment times indicated include an allowance of 5 minutes for consultation, dressing and undressing.   

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that mobile phones and pagers are switched off during your visit to The Spa.


For the comfort and consideration of all our guests, a no smoking policy is operated throughout The Spa.


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Spa Etiquette
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