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The threat posed by climate change and the need to preserve natural resources are some of the most important issues facing us today. At The Old Government House Hotel & Spa, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to confront these problems head-on, and have instituted a Green Team to investigate and implement the ways we can contribute to this global process.

We are committed to our community and dedicated to social responsibility. Supporting local charities, conservation, preservation, nature, heritage and green initiatives including the personal development of each member of the Red Carnation team, is at the heart of everything we do.

The TreadRight Foundation

Herm Island

Keeping the Island Beach's Clean

It is very important to us that we look after our local beaches and oceans to reduce the waste as this has a detrimental impact on our environment.

Our CSR team annually organises days where everyone in the team at the Old Government House Hotel & Spa and The Duke of Richmond clean up our beach's. We have multiple beaches which we volunteer to help with the clean on the island.

The Last Straw


Did you know that the world uses over 500 million unrecyclable plastic straws a day? Plastic straws are one of many types of plastic polluting our earth and harming our wildlife.

We have reduced the use of single use plastics from our restaurant and bar with biodegradable products. Single-use plastic is a particularly nasty form of plastic. These items have a shockingly short lifespan, used once and then discarded to landfills. Like other plastics, they are not biodegrade and take many years to break down. Plastic straws are one such single-use item, and thoundands end up in our oceans.

Removal of single use plastics at The Old Government House

Supporting Good Causes

Cheshire Home

Guernsey’s Cheshire Home provides care and opportunity for people with serious physical disabilities. This home is a unique facility which has been in operation for more than 30 years. We at the Old Government House Hotel & Spa work closely fundraising for Cheshire Home by adding a £1 optional charge to guest's bills that goes towards the home.

GSPCA Animal Shelter

GSPCA has been caring for animals in Guernsey for 45 years, they are one of the many charity organisations that the Old Government House Hotel & Spa volunteers within the local community. From spending time with the animals to cleaning and assisting with administration, we ensure that we do our bit to help care for the local Guernsey community and its animals.

From the Blog

Sustainable Luxury

Save The Earth

From "Me To We"

Me to We

ME To WE is part of WE, a family of organizations making doing good, doable. WE is made up of WE Charity, empowering domestic and international change. A social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences to help directly benefit their local communities and the world, their teams in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have provided more than 1 million people with clean water, built 1,000 schools and schoolrooms overseas, and empowered more than 200,000 children with access to education.

The new chocolate bars to be sold in the hotels have been voted the best chocolate in Ecuador. It is ethically sourced, benefits cacao farmers and gives back to WE Village communities – supporting education, health and food programming.

The Green Team

Our green initiatives are all supported and encouraged by Red Carnation Hotels, as a family run brand they are committed to acting sustainably. Red Carnation have reached a number of green milestones and donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to charities such as Great Ormand Street Hospital and The Starlight Foundation.

The Green Carnation