Six hotel housekeeping tips for the home


Front of House Manager at The Old Government House Hotel & Spa, Andi Raziya, shares her top hotel tips for at home.


15th September 2017

The Old Government House Hotel

Fresh white sheets, immaculately made beds, gleaming surfaces and clever uses of space; we could all benefit from a few hotel housekeeping tips in our own homes. Here, Andi Raziya, Front of House Manager at The Old Government House Hotel & Spa, shares her top tips for recreating the sparkling elegance of the St Peter Port hotel at home.

 Clear the clutter

“When it comes to possessions and furniture, adopt a less is more approach. Not only does this emphasise space and cleanliness, it also rids you of the temptation to clean around such items or place them onto a wet surface, resulting in marks and stains.”

Review your cleaning materials

“Microfiber is the best choice for picking up dust, or simply use an old 100% cotton t-shirt or pillowcase. Be inspired by our housekeeping caddies and keep all of your materials together in a box in order to save time hunting down individual items.”

Let your products do the work

“Spray your shower door, oven and hob with appropriate cleaner and focus your attention on mirrors, windows and everything else. This will allow time for the products to work their magic and will result in less effort to scrub dirt off the tougher surfaces.”

Utilise colourful accessories

“Keep a neutral palette throughout the house and inject colour through bright cushion covers, light shades, vases and throws. This way, when you are looking to change things up at home, you can easily adapt the colour scheme without breaking the bank.”

Housekeeping Tips

Use white bed linen

“White bed linen is light and inviting, automatically evoking a sense of cleanliness when you retire from a busy day. By changing your linen regularly, you’re not only enjoying a cleaner sleep, you’re also replicating that feeling of falling into a freshly made hotel bed with the wonderful scent of clean linen helping you to drift off into a peaceful slumber. Naturally, the higher the thread count, the more comfortable your sleep will be. However, you don’t have to push the boat out too far here; 200 thread count bed linen is widely available and we promise you’ll notice the difference from your regular bed covers!”

Spoil your guests

“Pay extra attention to your guest room when preparing for visitors. Fresh flowers, clean towels and a basket of their favourite treats (biscuits, chocolate, miniature gin) doesn’t take a long time to prepare, but certainly goes a long way in showing that they are welcome and that you’ve thought of them. Do this whether they’re with you for one day or one week.”

Housekeeping Tips

Step into complete comfort at The Old Government House Hotel & Spa, where every room is kept pristine thanks to a twice daily maid service.

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