Red Carnation Hotels visits the House of Champagne Lanson


Joeyz Jurga shows on what makes the House of Champagne Lanson so special.


23rd September 2016

The Old Government House Hotel

To celebrate Red Carnation Hotels partnership with Champagne Lanson, we decided to send key representatives from our hotels to the prestigious House of Champagne Lanson in Reims. Our dedicated restaurant supervisor of The Old Government House Hotel in Guernsey, Jozef Jurga, was given a place on this journey, and on his return, he gave us an insight into what made his time in France’s idyllic Champagne region so special.

Tell us about your experience of this historic Champagne House.

“Visiting Lanson was a great opportunity for me. The house is a complex of renovated ancient buildings, with huge cellars within them, and a special small walled vineyard of Chardonnay grapes beside the House and cellars called Clos Lanson, all making for an impressive setting. As you walk through the cellars you can really sense the history. Then there’s the shiny technology of today in the winemaking areas. Everywhere, you can feel the passion for making wine that has been there for so long. The town of Reims and nature around it is beautiful, too.”

Was there anything you were especially impressed by at the House of Lanson?

“What impressed me the most was the attention paid to selecting the right grapes from different vineyards, showing the diligence that goes into every single bottle during the winemaking process.”

Champagne Lanson

What labels in the Lanson range stood out most for you?

“Lanson pay great attention to every one of their labels, but if I had to pick the one it would be the iconic Lanson Black Label. It’s great to start any event with Black Label, and it matches well with many dishes throughout a meal. It also works exceptionally well in cocktails.”

What did you learn about the Champagne making process?

“I was already familiar with the Champagne making process, but I was impressed by the way Lanson produce their wine without malolactic fermentation. This helps to preserve the original purity and freshness of the fruit, ultimately creating the best possible product. The disgorgement date, which is when the yeast sediment is removed after the second fermentation, is now marked on Lanson Black Label as well all Lanson’s other bottles too, helping people better understand how the wines develop over time. I was also interested in finding out about the long history of Champagne production in Reims, and how Lanson has developed such a great reputation worldwide.”

Champagne Lanson

At The Old Government House Hotel, how do you like to serve Champagne Lanson?

“We serve Lanson Black Label as our preferred by-the-glass Champagne, and we also create a number of cocktails using Lanson Black Label. Favourites include the Kir Royal, peach or strawberry Bellini, and the Framboise Royal. All of them are exceptionally popular.”

Try a selection of Lanson Champagnes or Lanson Black Label cocktails during a stay at The Old Government House Hotel in Guernsey. With the intimate Centenary Bar among its restaurant and bar offering, it’s the perfect setting for savouring this elegant Champagne.

Image credits: Cover photo of the Champagne region © iStock / Alphotographic. All other images © Jozef Jurga.

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