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Alderney Boat Trip

A bird watcher’s paradise

Just a 15 minute hop by plane and well worth the trip – just one and a half miles wide, three and a half miles long, and home to around two thousand friendly and welcoming inhabitants it’s truly a world apart with its own government and a fledgling off-shore finance and E-commerce sector.

With over 50 miles of walks and paths taking you across commons and beaches, along the cliffs and around town, the best way to discover Alderney is on foot. The south coast is mainly dramatic cliff walks, dotted with Victorian and German fortifications.  The northwest coastline, towards the bird sanctuary island of Burhou, is designated a RAMSAR site.  The north and east coast features golden beaches interspersed with picturesque Victorian forts and the occasional reminder of the German occupation during WWII.

The island is also perfect for exploring by bike and even has its own railway, opened in 1847 and still operating today.

It’s a bird watcher’s paradise.  About 7000 pairs of gannets nest at Ortac and Les Etacs, which is about two percent of the entire world’s population.  Alderney has 260 species of birds that has made the island their home including puffins, pulmars, guillemots, Dartford warblers and peregrines, and many interesting continental visitors can be seen as they stop off here on migration.  It’s even home to the Blonde Hedgehog, which is unique to the island.

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