Fitness Classes

Revolution at The OGH offer an exciting range of different classes throughout the week as follows:

Class Description

Abs, Bums & Thighs
A workout that focuses on the lower half of the body. Great for sculpting and toning those stubborn areas of the body to leave you feeling toned in all the right places.

All About Abs
A workout concentrating solely on the core area. This class will improve your abdominal strength and flexibility.

Body Blast
This class is a circuit format based on short bursts of exercise that target an all over body workout, using weights, medicine balls, resistance bonds and kettle bells.

Body Conditioning
Designed to improve muscle definition for all your muscle groups and increase strength.

A fitness class which incorporates a number of boxing moves and techniques without physical contact. It focuses on upper body conditioning – working arms and abs, chests and shoulders. An intense workout.

Core Stability
This class targets all the core muscles you use for good stability and posture.

Indoor Cycling
A high intensity workout that involves using a stationary exercise bicycle in a classroom setting, following the instruction of the trainer. A great way to boost all levels of fitness.

Kettle Bells
The kettle bell or girya is a cast iron weight, resembling a cannon ball with a handle, used to perform ballistic exercises which combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

A class for varied levels of ability and fitness that mixes fundamental moves from Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics. A workout that will leave you feeling revived and energised.

Ladies Circuits
A combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow and target fat loss, muscle building/toning and heart fitness.

Swiss Ball
A workout that improves body posture and balance. This class includes a variety of general toning exercises with a twist...using the ball. A great effective workout.

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Class and Cancellations Procedures

Members booking procedure
Members can book from 8am 7 days in advance of the class.

Non-members can book from 8am 5 days in advance of the class.

Please Arrive:
5 minutes before a class, once warm up is over you may not be permitted to enter.

Cancellation Procedure:
Morning classes, cancellation cut off before close the evening before at 9pm. Evening classes, cancellation cut off before 2pm that day.

New to the Class:
If you are new to the class please arrive early & report to the Instructor.

Please Note: 
Please be aware that failure to show up or cancel a class after the hours stated above will result in a £6.00 charge.