Local Produce

Exceptional dining from locally sourced produce

With its unique position and mild climate, Guernsey has an abundance of fresh produce to offer locals and tourists. We pride ourselves on using fresh sustainable ingredients in both of our restaurants.

Guernsey Seafood

When people think of Guernsey they think of fresh fish, and our chefs do not like to disappoint. Where most restaurants tell you where the fish was caught, here at The OGH, we point to where the fish was caught! Only fresh fish are used in our restaurants, so during bad weather when the fisherman are unable to sail, we cannot offer any on our menu.

Thanks to the colder northern waters and the warm gulf stream, the seas around Guernsey have an abundance of both Mediterranean and North Atlantic fish, including Brill, Bream, Haddock, Halibut, Mackerel, Monkfish, Mullet, Plaice, Pollack, Salmon, Sole, Tuna and Turbot. The equally fresh shellfish include Clams, Prawns, Mussels, Scallops and Oysters.

Guernsey Dairy

All milk on Guernsey comes from the Guernsey cow, a unique breed that produces a rich creamy milk that gives all butter a naturally darker yellow colour. Both milk and butter go into most of our dishes, to give them that extra rich flavour. 

Guernsey Cheese

Meadow Court Farm provides The OGH with a selection of the finest cheeses that the island has to offer, such as Suffolk Blue, Frie D’or, Extra Mature Cheddar and Smoked Cheddar. Our cheeses are served for breakfast, or with a glass of port after lunch or dinner. The cheese is produced using Guernsey milk. 


At The OGH, we use fresh herbs in cooking, as well as fresh mint in our afternoon teas. Some herbs are grown in our own garden whilst others are from the local company Guernsey Herbs

Randall’s Brewery

Breda, our house Lager, is produced on the island by Randall’s, whose state of the art brewery is located in St Peter Port. We also have an excellent house cider, Rocquettes cider, which is again produced locally. 

Ben Le Prevost

Ben Le Prevost provides our Petits Fours chocolates for after dinner. Each chocolate is handmade with fresh Guernsey milk and butter, along with the finest Belgium chocolate. Ben makes the best effort to only use local produce when sourcing herbs and spices for the chocolates. 

Victor Hugo Bakery

The Victor Hugo Bakery provides all our bread and rolls for dinner and functions. 

Bean 14

Bean 14 provides The OGH with all the coffee we serve for breakfast and for our cafetieres.